Reason Season

The Christmas season is officially upon us! Our family loves this time of year as it is steeped in tradition and fun. We have been enjoying Christmas cookies, egg nog and an assortment of Christmas flicks. We picked out an enormous Christmas tree at the lot this year and put up our collection of outdoor inflatables. We have been reading the Christmas story from the Bible and lighting the advent candles. We are grateful for the precious memories we are making.

This year has also been a little bitter sweet as my wife and I have both lost close loved ones in the past year. I find that is the case for many of the people I encounter as I play week after week. Sweet memories carry bitter heartache. Nostalgia and loss are tightly entangled soul mates. The only solace I have found is in Jesus. Saying His name, silently praying, singing worship--they all seem to be the only real comfort for my heart.

Jesus really is the cure and possesses the ability to take even the deepest heartache and replace it with joy. Faith is a journey and we are all in the process of learning and growing day by day and year by year. We experience triumphs and joy but also make mistakes and face difficult obstacles. One thing endures and that is the birth and death on the cross of the Son of God Jesus Christ. He is the reason for the season and the hope we can rely on to endure.