Back to it! 

Writing again! So stoked about what's ahead...Great friends and great songs! I am having a ball so stay tuned y'all!

He we go!  

After 6 months, All Things New is finally complete! I am so excited to share this project with you all! There are still a few last minute preparations before the big release of the album but it is finished! Because of continued high demand I will be running the exclusive campaign items for purchase for just a bit longer. I cannot thank you enough for your generosity and support in this process. It's been such a rewarding journey to partner with great friends to make All Things New.

This record comes from a real place of trust, hope and joy in Jesus. My prayer moving forward is that it will be of great benefit and blessing to all those that listen. We all need encouragement as we strive to live every day in the grace and mercy that God gives. Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all of the partnership, love and support on this album. You have really moved and inspired me. Love to you all! 


Done Tracking! Almost there! 

We are all done tracking the songs for this record! PHEW. Now onto the mixing and mastering phase and working on the art. Giving some sneaky peeks to some of the folks I am playing for over the next few weeks and so far the feedback is amazing. I am looking forward to sharing the new songs with everyone very soon.

All Things New COMING this fall! 

It has been such an incredible experience to get this record 100% backed and to be able to record it with such an amazing team of friends and supporters! Every town I visit on tour seems to bring more encouragement and blessing. I love that I get to worship along with all of you fantastic people. God keeps bringing the coolest people into my orbit and I feel His hand guiding my life on all sorts of new and interesting paths. This has been a special journey and as the songs near completion on All Things New I am getting more and more excited to share them with you. I am still tracking and even writing...the songs are still coming! Maybe I will have enough for a second record! HA! Stay tuned for sneak peeks very soon! Remember you can still jump in on this website and at my live shows!

All Things New Update 

Been traveling all over the country playing these new songs and having an awesome time! The support for this new record has been really encouraging and I am having a lot of fun hanging out with so many new friends. I have been getting my cup majorly filled up and it makes it easier to pour myself out into the new music. I am recording vocals on all of the tracks for the next few weeks and tweaking songs a bit here and there. It's so cool seeing this album take shape. I am also booking new dates all the way through December so it will be fun to hit the road some more and share this project live!

New Project in the Works! 

I am so excited to announce that I am finishing up writing a brand new full length album! I have 10 songs so far and I can't wait to share them with you. I have been on such an amazing journey the last several years and these songs are a reflection of the hope, healing, utter joy and redemption we find in Jesus. Please keep checking back for sneak peeks of music, new dates and ways you can support this new project!