A Little Early...Who Cares! Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animals!

We have officially started decorating the house for the holidays! A little premature, yes but I am feeling joyful and ready for some celebration. Even after the challenges presented in 2020 I can look back and truly appreciate a year of great growth and change. I have grown in my faith and I have learned more about Jesus in my life, I have grown even closer to my beautiful family, and I have worked hard to become a better singer/songwriter. I have learned to appreciate all of the ways great and small that God shows up and works amazing miracles in my life. I am thankful for extraordinary friendships, determined fellow worshipers, and brave church leaders who have worked undeterred to continue to serve and support ministry this year. I am ready to hunker down and celebrate this holiday season grateful for the things in my life that truly matter.  As we move into 2021 and beyond, let's try and stay focused on things that matter and not sweat the small stuff or give energy to distractions that aren't that important in the bigger picture anyway. God is in control of everything and all we can do is try to live in relationship with Him seeking His will for our lives. Merry Christmas friends! I hope you have a sweet and restful holiday season!