Hey 2022

We always take down all of our Christmas decorations around the first of the year and its typically a mixed bag of sadness and excitement. We are so looking forward to a new year of memory making and adventures but also sad that the Christmas season ended. And so goes the magic of this life. Beginnings and endings and everything in between and its always a mixed bag. As for 2022, I am so grateful to the Lord for his providence and guidance in my life. He is done such amazing things and blesses our family more than we can ever know or express. This year I am looking forward to finishing a new album and releasing it. I am looking forward to loving the people in my orbit to the best of my ability. I am looking forward to forging new friendships and embarking on new adventures. I am looking forward to learning and growing in my relationship with Jesus. What are you looking forward to? Happy New Year friends! Here's to another trip around the sun. Look out for His Name is Jesus summer 2022!