Gratitude and Joy

I have spent the last several weeks waking up and starting my day with a prayer of thankfulness. Even in the midst of outside distractions, I am incredibly thankful for my life and its blessings. I feel like as I focus on gratitude-- as almost a laundry list of things I am blessed with, then automatically my joy increases and my trust in Jesus increases. When I choose thankfulness and joy suddenly I am more trusting of God's hand on my life because I take stock in what He has already done. Sometimes its easy to churn internally on outside distractions (anyone see the news lately?!) and focus on futile things but that's not going to get you on a path of living your life with the freedom to serve God and love others. Often with an exhale, I try to pray thankfulness and gratitude into my morning and start the day with quiet contentment and true joy. It's a worthy endeavor.

Anyway, as I get ready to march out the door to enjoy summer adventures with my friends and family, I am grateful for all the small things that matter most. I am stoked that the sun is shining, my body still moves and I am surrounded by people who love me and make me smile. I am thankful that God has been so immeasurably generous in my life and that He loves me. What are you thankful for?