Yesterday, Today, The Same

As 2020 has drawn to a close and we embark on the new year, its almost like turning the page to a whole new chapter in our life stories. We  are glad to have made it through some challenging times, during a year filled with uncertainty, anxiety and even the loss of cherished loved ones. Some of us are eager to close the 2020 chapter and never look back. We long for normalcy and peace. We are looking forward to the next chapter being better than the one we were just in. But what if the new year isn't the reset button we had hoped for and what if we continue to struggle with challenging circumstances? What if 2021 has its own set of hardships and difficulties to face? What are we supposed to do then? In an uncertain world, that we have been told is not our home we can hold onto one thing: Jesus. Jesus truly is the Way, the True and the Life. His promises are real, His presence is real and a relationship with Him is the only path to everlasting peace during this time, in this life, and beyond. Serving Jesus with our lives is the only way to make this new chapter and the ones that follow truly matter. We can experience hope, joy, peace and love in relationship with Jesus because He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, no matter what year it is and no matter what challenges we are facing.