Wrapping Up the Summer!

Summer is beginning to wrap up and I am really looking forward to the fall. With temps around here reaching the upper 90's the last several days, I am ready for the cool down to begin! It's sort of the down side of church outdoors..the massive sweat factor that is definitely at play. HA! Regardless, I have absolutely loved the freedom of worship outside where we can move, breathe and still meet together for fellowship. It's been incredible!

I have also been so thankful that God keeps opening doors for worship opportunities nationwide and has been faithfully and miraculously taking such great care of my family. We have had such an amazing summer full of friendship and adventure despite the Covid limitations. I feel immeasurably thankful and blessed for this special time in my life. 

As we look ahead, I have been reflecting on how awesome the reception to All Things New has been! I have been blown away by the response and deeply humbled by the love I have received from y'all. Thank you for continuing to pour into my ministry! It's actually inspired me to start writing again and to be working on new music whenever possible. I am looking forward to putting out a few new projects in 2021 and 2022! I keep meeting such talented and generous people that continue to inspire my musical journey and my ministry. It truly is humbling and mind blowing the way God works things together for good. Stay tuned--more exciting things are on the horizon.