You know I think the main prayer I have for my life is to be a vessel for the Lord. I want to be able to use my life to serve Him. After a busy, fun-filled weekend of teaching, playing and leading I feel so grateful. I am so glad I can use whatever skills/gifts I can offer, to encourage anyone to look to Jesus. It's such a fulfilling endeavor to try and live with a heaven focus and to be able to reflect that focus on worship, creativity and God's Word. To do this job or any job for that matter in a way that honors God is a blessing no words can describe. I think it's vitally important to get in touch with how you can further the kingdom of heaven in any and every way. Whether it's through a job, a friendship or in your family, being a vessel for Jesus is the endgame that really matters.

As I plopped down exhausted on my couch today, I looked at my wife and our kids so thankful for redemption and love and that I am able to be a leader/vessel in my family. I love that our family seeks to pursue Jesus together and I am able to live in the freedom and purpose that brings. I love watching my kids growing up in their talents and gifting and championing them on to discover who God has made them to be. I look at our home and all of the miraculous blessing in my life and I am astounded. Our family keeps a prayer journal and I can tangibly see prayer requests being answered in the most specific ways. It's never easy following Jesus but living as a vessel for Him will fill you up with unspeakable joy even as the world attempts to throw its roadblocks and challenges in your way. Even if you stumble and make mistakes God can and will still use your life in mighty ways. Just be open and willing to be used and you will see incredibly opportunities unfold.