So Close and So Far

I was out walking the dog today and saw several of my neighbors. Everyone I would pass politely waved and then crossed to the other side of the street or sat in the car waiting for others to pass before they could get out. I went to pick up groceries and everyone was scurrying through grocery stores keeping their heads down and furiously wiping down their carts. Yesterday, I was leading worship for a practically empty room while we streamed online. I am seeing empty restaurants and gyms everywhere. What a weird feeling..this farness..its so quiet and almost creepy at times. On the other hand my family is officially getting cabin fever and our closeness is getting a little too CLOSE. HA! We are definitely making more messes and WAY more laundry. I laugh at how fickle I can be and how this coronavirusness is highlighting some areas of needed growth. That said I am still trying to sit in the middle of all of this weird craziness and be present with the Lord. I am trying to take this great opportunity whether people are near or far---to love better. I hope we can encourage each other more, maybe stop hoarding paper products, take care of our elderly and hug our loved ones. Also the sun was shining hot today...don't forget spring is coming and cold and flu season will be over!